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Bringing Your Music to Life

SoundByte Studio is a professional, private home studio based near Worthing, West Sussex.

I offer Recording, Mixing & Mastering services and more often than not all 3 together in one very fairly priced no time restraints project!

I deal with bands & artists mainly in the more noisy Rock/Metal Genres, but i have loved having had experience with all sorts of music in the 15+ years 

I've been engineering including; Folk/Indie/Punk/World/Classical/Choral/Electronic music and more!

I have an easy going, down to earth attitude and

I'm always told how creative and un-pressurised people feel tracking in my studio, specially when projects don't involve time restraints.

Here at SoundByte Studio I have a particular mindset when Recording & Mixing records. I find that right now there is a lot of overproduced music around especially in some of the more heavier genres, lots of people using the same tones & samples which I personally find not only a little boring to listen to when everybody's got the same kind of generic sound as each other, but often in my experience they don't often reflect the band/musician's live sound!

However do love a lot of elements of modern music production so what I try to do is walk that line between a tight modern produced record that is still sounds true to the Band/Musician's live sound, capturing sounds with real instruments/amps etc and importantly trying to achieve something that is unique and interesting to listen to that will compete with other modern productions.

If anybody is interested in any recording, online mixing, mastering, session drums then please do give me a call, drop me a text or email :)  



Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Re-amping, Session Drumming and More

SoundByte Studio offers a range of Recording Studio services. Contact me in regards to your personalised project.



Looking to bring your creative concoctions to life? Maybe you have some tracks recorded at another studio or some productions you have done from home and your looking for a mixer? Book in your tracks to be mixed at SoundByte Studio and work with me to realise your unique sound.
Together we’ll collaborate throughout the entire production process to develop a final mix you are proud of and which your fans will enjoy.
Contact me to discus your mixing needs and receive a FREE test mix today!


Create and capture your next unique sounding record at SoundByte Studio.

I have over 15 years experience recording many instruments in many different genre's of music and have particular experience with tuning and recording/mixing real acoustic drums being a drummer myself!

I have an array of the highest quality equipment from amps/drumkits/microphones/preamps/outboard to a vintage A&H analog recording/mixing console to capture these. Contact me to arrange a recording session now!



Need the final Icing on the cake from your already mixed tracks!? I run a state of the art Digital & Analogue hybrid setup and have the experience to turn your mix into a next level professional master.
I will provide CD & or DDP files for duplication for E.P's and Albums, and of course singles for radio play.
Stem mastering is also a great option so you can have your mastering engineer have access to individual elements of the track and be able to treat them separately if needed.
Personally I think this is the future of mastering. Contact me to reserve your next Online Mastering session or alternatively arrange to have me do a Demo Master FREE of charge!



Package prices are a rough guide only as I will price depending on the project and what's involved and required.

Recording packages include all the necessary time to record, edit and mix the tracks properly without rushing anything and include all CD Compilation/Burning, DDP files and singles required for duplication and radio play etc.. 

Please get in touch to discuss a personalised package for you or your band :) 

Recording Package Examples -

Prices vary between projects & prices based on whats required.

1 Track Single £250 Recorded Mixed & Mastered

3 Track E.P £700 Recorded Mixed & Mastered

5 Track E.P £1100 Recorded Mixed & Mastered

10+ Track Album Recorded Mixed & Mastered (please contact for prices)

Mixing & Mastering.

Mixing and Mastering a track is £100 per track. Test mix can be provided.

Hybrid Digital/Analogue Mastering £25 Per Track. Test Master can be provided. 


Stem Mastering £30 Per track. Test Master can be provided.

It's worth noting that if a track needs any editing this is totally fine but will be cost extra and will need to be discussed prior to sending your track/tracks in for Mixing.

Flat Rates

I tend not to work this way but If any of the above doesn't suit you an you would rather pay an hourly rate then my hourly rate would be

£20 per hour. 

Drum Recording

Perfect for project studios and producers who don't have the facility to record drums. Prices include all recording, editing, processed stems and or raw files via digital delivery.


£100 Per Track and deals for anything more (e.p's and Albums)

Guitar Re-amping

I am available for guitar re-amping with either an online or attended sessions.

I have a few amps (Marshall JCM2000, Peavey 6505) and various cabinets (Vintage Marshall JCM800, Zilla Fat Boy, Blackstar Artisan) I can use for this purpose. Please contact me to discuss this if interested. 

Session Drumming

I've have been playing drums for over 20 years and in bands for 17 years up until fairly recently. Though admittedly mostly a self taught drummer I can play many styles of music in the blues/folk/rock/punk/metal genres and more.  

I've played in a covers band and in the original bands - Bad Billy Band, Gunshot Straight, Bleed Again, Aten & Gershwin Warriors. 

I'm really keen to get into doing some session drumming as I think it would be great fun and I have the skills and perfect facilities for it. 

For this reason I'm open for discussion on session work.






Working with the best in high end Analog and Digital

Computer & Interface.

Powerful Intel i7 PC.

UAD Apollo Firewire.

Focusrite Octopre.

Cubase 11 Pro, Soundforge etc.

Softube Console 1, Faderport Controllers.

Many industry standard plugins inc Fabfilter, UAD, Waves, Slate Digital etc etc..

Recording Mixing and Mastering Equipment.

Allen & Heath Saber mkII Recording/Mixing Console.

2x Warm Audio Tonebeast's.

2x Cramborne Audio Camden 500's 

2x Neve rnd452's (the classic sounds of Neve and Tape!).

Wes Audio Dione (SSL glue style compressor).

2x Maag EQ2's (mastering grade analog EQ).

Klark Teknik 1176 style compressor.

TL Audio Indigo Channel Strip.

Lexicon MPX Reverb Unit.

Studiospares Headphone Amp.

Signex Isopatch Bantam Patchbay.


JZ 67

Rode K2.

Shure SM7b & SM57.

Beyerdynamic m201.

Sennheiser e609.

2x Octava MK-012 (Modded).

Audix D6, i5, 2x ADX-51's, 2x D2's, 2xD4's. 

2x Biv 1 Russian Handmade Ribbon Microphones.

Prodipe Stereo Ribbon Microphone.

2x Studiospares SD101's.

Bunch of cheap handy Mic's


Tama Starclassic Walnut Birch 

22x16 Kick 

8x7 10x8 12x9 High Toms

16x14 Floor Tom

14x6.5 Mapex Black Panther Sledgehammer Hammered Brass Snare.

14x6 Ahead Brass Snare (Ludwig Black Beauty soundalike).

13x5.5 Pearl Sensitone Brass Snare.

13x6 Pork Pie Little Squeeler Steel Snare. 

13x3.5 Pearl Brass Sensitone Piccolo Snare

Guitar and Bass Amps.

Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 Guitar Amp.

Peavey 6505 Guitar Amp.

Marshall JCM800 4x12 Vintage Guitar Cabinet (Original Celestion g12-65 speakers).

Zilla Fatboy 2x12 Cabinet (Celestion 8ohm v30 speakers).

Blackstar Artisan 2x12 Guitar Cabinet (Celestion 16ohm v30 speakers).

Peavey TKO Bass Amp.

Tech 21 SansAmp RBI. 

Piano & Keys

110 year old John Spencer Upright Piano.

M-Audio Keystation es88 semi weighted Midi Keyboard. 

Loads of amazing plugins for Strings, String Sections, Hammond and other Organs, Grand Pianos etc etc..


DJ Recording Setup.

2x Vestax PDX-D3S Turntables

ReLoop RMX Mixer.

Mackie HR624 Monitors

Adam TS10 Sub






2B_Human, Ariandelle, Aten, AtomBuzz, Bleed Again, Bad Billy Band, Burn The Evidence, Blackfeather, Blotch, Callista, Core of io, Cyanide Sundae, Chris Carnell, Damn Carnivool, Desymbion, Derelict Dream, Eddy String, Electric Shoes, Fall of the Ziggurat, Fauntleroy, Fly in Fly Out, Further From The Sky, Gunshot Straight, Gershwin Warriors, Gloomweaver, Hassan Dervish, Harker, Hawka, Imbium, Icarus Falls, Junkyard Sons, Kickfist, Kittiehawk And The Jets, Knives At Midnight, Koncordia, Meatloaf at Mary's, Matt Black and the Emulsions, Naughty Step, Negative Measures, Nein Lives, Pyro, Purple Shoes, Princess Alice Manor, Rise of the Ziggurat, Untitled Sketch, Shallow Honey, Slow Motion Sickness, Seething Akira, State Your Name, Small Town Silence, Stevie Watts Organ Trio, Whitebuss, Work In Progress, Late December, Left Arm Pregnant, Love Malison, Three Summers Strong, Tomorrow is Ours, Tom Sadler, Toby Coomber, The Crown, The 909's, The Barracks, The Maxibons, Elixium, 9 Times Over and More!